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Date 2020-02-10

        In 1967, to meet the requirement of the new nine-year national compulsory education plan, the Ministry of Education encouraged public universities to create related departments and programs to provide teachers for junior and high schools in Taiwan. The History Department of the National Chengchi University was authorized to be established then, with Professor Hsu Chia-chi being its first chairperson. The chairmanship was continued through Professors Fang Hao, Yan Chin-hen, Wang Shou-nan, Wu Jun-yi, Chang Jer-lang, Lin Neng-shih , Chou Hui-min , Hsueh Hua-yuan, Pang Ming-fui, Tang Chi-hua, Lu Shao-li, Liu Hsiang-kwang, Yang Jui-sung to Chen Hsiu-fen. The current Chair is Professor Chin,Shih-Chi. In addition to training teachers, the History Department also emphasized the significance of cultivating research specialists. In 1976, the Graduate School of History was inaugurated with an emphasis on the study of modern Chinese history and the history of Chinese international relations. Professor Yan Chin-hen was its first Director. When the graduate program first started, it only offered courses leading to the M.A. degree. A Ph.D. program was added in 1987. The scope of the Graduate School programs has since extended to cover the fields of the history of Taiwan and of Chinese politics and institutions. In 1992, the graduate school and the department were integrated into one system because of the reorganization of school educational structure. Currently, the History Department is staffed with 17 full-time teaching faculty with specialties in diverse fields, and its strength remains in the field of modern history and of body, culture and civilization study. There are less than two hundred undergraduate students and more than one hundred graduate students as of early 2020.


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