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Date 2020-02-10

  Our department has been established for more than thirty years. It has made tremendous progress in terms of enrollment size, faculty performance, educational achievement and honor of scholarship. Courses in the department are designed to meet the forever changing challenge of modern time; more diversified courses are being planned. In particular, being the first of its kind in the nation in 1985, the 「Honor Program」program provides students who decide to make history their career a comprehensive course plan. All students, except the freshmen, are qualified to apply. In terms of research achievements, there are many research projects granted by the National Science Council. In the last decade, the quantity of such projects is second to none in the nation, a fact which attests to the high standard of the scholarship of our department. As for domestic and international scholarly exchange activities, we have cooperated with domestic as well as foreign institutions such as the Office of National History(國史館), the Bureau of Compilation and Translation of History and Politics (史政編譯局), the Office of Military Document of the Federal Repblic of Germany , to have joint research plans. The department has also carried out a variety of academic exchanges. Funded by the National Science Foundation, scholars from German, Japan, USA have come here to teach as guest professors. With the support from the National Science Council, The Foundation of China Developments, Chungcheng Cultural and Educational Foundation, the department has also initiates the crossstrait scholarly exchange with the PRC scholars, inviting them to be either visiting scholars or participating members in conferences. In addition, we also periodically sponsor or entrusted to organize a variety of symposiums, such as the first symposium of "Thought and Institution of Modern China Conference." There are a number of scholarly journals published by the department. "The Journal of the History Department, NCCU" is full of research articles written by domestic and foreign scholars. The other publications include conference articles anthologies; and journals especially for students' research works. These journals are often ranked among the best of their kind in the school.

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