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Date 2020-02-10

1. Libraries and Collections : the Chungcheng main library Social Science Materials Center, the Institute of International Relatiions library, are all full of primary and second research materials. Besides, there is a departmental library with collections near 20,000 books, journals, and theses. The computerized system is in use to organize information and bibliographies for effective research. In addition, from 1991 to 1995, with the grant from the Ministry of Education, aiming to improve education in the humanities and social sciences, the department has purchased more than 2,200 volumes of publications from PRC.


2. Audio and Video Equipments: For the purpose of enriching teaching contents, the department has utilized the grant from the Ministry of Education to purchase AV equipments and materials. There are now near 20,000 slides concerning Chinese and World histories and 400 videos, with more VCDs and DVDs coming. Other equipments such as projectors, DVD players, are also periodically renewed to facilitate teaching works.

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