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Date 2014-11-17

English-taught Courses

1. Course Search Engine

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2. OIC English-taught Courses Exclusively for Exchange Students

3. University-wide English-taught Course List (ALL):


  • IMBA courses (code 933-) are not available to exchange students.
  • IMAS courses (code 926-) are not open to undergrad students.
  • 1 credit = 18 lecture hrs = 2 ECTS
  • Class time table

Online Course Selection

  1. University Online Course Selection System
  2. OIC English-taught Course Selection System
  3. Fall 2013 Course Selection Flow Chart

Course Final Grade

After class ends, you can check your course final grades online via iNCCU
Grading System: 80-100=A=4, 70-79=B=3, 60-69=C=2, 50-59=D=1,  <50=E=0 (*passing grade: undergraduate=60 / graduate=70)
Transcript free mailing:
after exchange students have finished the exchange program, we will mail 2 copies of English transcript to students' home university International Office.


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