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On “The Great Duty between the Monarch and the Subject”, and the Establishment and Stabilization of East and West Wei Political Powers.


                                                        胡勝源 Hu, Sheng-Yuan1




The Collection of Righteousness (Qiankun Zhengqi Ji) and the Movement of Books Editing in the Mid-Qing Period


                                                                唐屹軒 Tang, Yi-Hsuan59





Practice of Religious Life: The Chinese Catholic Liturgical Calendar for 1931


                       吳蕙芳 Wu, Huey-Fang……… 103


賀伯特的《亨利八世史》 (1649)與近代早期英格蘭君主至尊權


Herbert of Cherbury‵s The Life and Raigne of  King Henry VIII (1649) and the Royal Supremacy in Early Modern England


                        許朝祺Hsu, Chao-Chi ……. 143


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